Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day Two Bloggaments

Ok so yesterday didnt go too bad, i managed to get in some nice volume of around one fifty games roughly and making like $150 profit, so that wasnt a bad day at all! The reason why small ammounts of profit are good to me is because of the deal i signed with my current employers enables me to earn rakeback, reason why i aim to play at least 2,000 games a month! Ok so i decided to enter a satalite to earn myself a $5000 Executive package to vegas, 74 runners and one gaining a seat to round two, so i was pretty much playing this in auto pilot whilst playing a few SNGS on the side, and before i knew it i was 6 handed with one sit out, two fish and two nits! Brilliant, i thought to myself as i rubbed my hands, and got to work! Two and a half hours in, i find myself heads up against a calling station who did like to see flops, so i basically just ripped him apart by playing position, chipping him down to around ten big blinds then finding myself with top pair on the turn in a eight big blind pot with him having four big blinds behind, ok as i pressed the all in button, and watched him call with his second pair and the chips come to me! Brilliant! success! through to round two! that will be played at 8pm sunday night, and if i manage to win myself a ticket to next round, that will be a 300$ tournament to win myself a nice package to vegas! ONETIME!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty horrible due to the hours i put in, so i caught up on some emails, facebook etc then pulled my ass out of bed and got myself to the shop to pick up the daily grind materials, two cans of redbull and 20 smokes!

Plans for today? ive played around 30-40 sit n goes and failed to make a profit so far, but the day is still early, and if i do manage to turn a decent profit i might take the night off and hit the town with one of my room mates, it has been a while since ive been out because ive turned into some non-sociable hermit since going full time!

Will keep regular updates of this blog as i have some good feedback already, and id like to thank everyone who has took there time to reading this, and good luck on the felt! see you at the tables!

The smug! =]

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  1. Going out with friends is really important in order to keep playing A game...make a weekly program and fit in to it your nights out. Of cource you must have at least one day off completely and one for studying...