Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another month report!

Ok, i know i havent updated my blog in a while, because of how busy i have been with poker and sorting out non related poker stuff, this has been the only chance i have had to update! So here goes!

Ok last month didnt go to plan, i hoped to have made more than i did, but i did end up making just over an average wage, so i was happy with that.

This month i got off to a slow but steady start, then a week in a had a HUGE downswing losing $2700 in 3 days! OH NO! Yeah basically i just ran as horrible as you could possible imagine, so therfore i took some time off, 2 or 3 days, worked with my student alot more and then eased my way slowly back into my SNG grind. Ok first things first i needed to build back my confidence and get back into the right frame of mind to win again, luckily enough i won 1200$ on a fruit machine online where i had a like 100$ on that account or somthing, i know its pretty bad that i was degenerate enough to play, but it has been a while since id had a little gamble! (No excuse i know!) but oh well, yeah i was lucky with that! So that set me off into a positive mind set again, and i eased my way back into games and also started to study alot more poker with a new friend of mine, his name is William and hes from Sweden. His english is really good, and his poker understanding is very good too, so ive been helping him with a little bit of his game where he is weak, and hes been helping me a bit with my aggression factor of the game, as i lacked in this ability and slowed down and become more of a nit due to me being on such a huge downswing! So now im back to where i need to be at, playing really well slowly making money and raking some nice ammounts too! I dont really have a target this month, due to that horric start, but i would be over the moon to break even, and maybe rake around 5k?

Ok onto another suhject, my student! Shes progressing really well so far and has started to open up and ask more questions, which is the key factor in a coach-student relationship! The more they ask, the more they learn, and because there asking the questions, psychologically it sinks in better, rather than me droning on and on! Ok so shes currently playing the 3$ 90mans on full tilt poker, and to start off i played one of these to gain a hand history to review with her (Was hoping on a deep run so i can discuss more in detail) and luckily enough won the thing! (Not bragging about wnning a 3$ 90man) before all the jokes start! So, the next day we reviewed that and that was really good to review because there was many good spots to discuss and i feel that improved her game on a large scale just by doing that!

The day after this, time to put it into practice! She played a few games, and i was playing my daily grind, then later on i jumped on teamviewer to sweat her whilst she plays, discussed lots of spots, repeating what she'd learnt and what do you know, BOOM she wins one! Fantastic, such a huge confidence boost, but still i could sense that she was lacking some confidence!

Ok next day, same procedure, my grind followed by sweating her playing some games! another couple deep runs, and then we was down to our last table, with a very healthy stack! and what do you know it.... BACK TO BACK WINS BABY! ANOTHER WIN!!!!!!!! Now... this seemed to have boosted her confidence hugely and i could tell she was more confident in being able to do this for a living!

Ok thats enough from me for now,  comments would be appreciated, and good luck at the tables!


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

End of Month

Ok, where to start, i havnt updated this blog for a while due to some good feedback, and obviously some bad. well im at the moment considering if i should continue to write this blog, or not so this possibly could be the last post!

Anyhow, onto the main subject, my poker journey. this month started off to a belter i was running hot, making money, and getting in a good routine. then a downswing hit me. i ended up losing 2k in two days, it was like ALL my profit + 1k more. SIGH! But anyhow, ive been working REALLY hard to recover from that, and as i write this i am currently around -600$ total profit but i have raked around 2000$ for myself, so im going to be having one last push at making some more money on the last day of the month, hence me doing a 24 hour grind until 1st of april!

April hopefully will be a better month, and i will probably put in more volume then ever before, because i dont really have much plans for next month, so im going to be putting in some long ass hours and trying to make things happen!

As for volume, this month ive played around 2000-2200 games at $20/20Euro Level, so im pretty happy with the volume i have put in considering the time off i had this month too!

Ok going to leave it at that, feedback appreciated and good luck at the tables, and thanks for reading!

The smug.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

the start of a fresh month

Ok guys, been a while since i updated, and since im up pretty early and waiting for action, i guess i thought it would be a good time to update the bloggaments!

Ok lets start with last months targets. i managed to play 2100/2000 11$ 6max turbo SNGS last month which was a great achievement, the profit wasnt as much as i expected to make, but with my rakeback i was pretty satisified at the end of the month.

Also i managed to hit my fifth royal flush online, which is pretty lucky considering daniel negreanu has failed to even hit one royal flush in his career!

Ok onto the subject of this month, i hope to get alot of work done with a couple of my students and get the ball rolling in that department, and also i am playing the Genting Spring Championships in liverpool which has an estimated £7500 prizepool, which should be pretty fun accompanied by some friends of mine!

Also my online goals this month is to play 3000 $22 6max Turbo SNGS so i will be working on that really hard this month and will probably end up looking like a zombie at the end of the month if that goes to plan!

Ok i guess thats all i have to say for this update, and i wish everyone luck at the tables!

The Smug.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Another update!

Alright gang, time for another update to give you some juicy gossip to follow!

Ok, theres not much been going on for me this week apart from just the solid SNG Grind, as its comming towards the end of the month, i am getting nearer to my 2000 Games played in one month goal! i think the figure is around 1700 give or take, so hopefully within a few more sessions i will have accomplished this goal!

Ok so i woke up early this morning to put in an early session and catch some of the fish who are either half asleep, or as avid as me!

Ok, for some future plans. i have the Genting Spring Championships to attend to on Saturday the 5th of may with an expected prizepool of £7500. Also going to be spending more time with one of my students as they are planning on dedicating more of their life towards poker! This should be interesting, and will keep you up to date with their results also!

Hopefully im going to take the weekend off, as it has been a long time since me doing this! A VERY LONG TIME! but this is determined by my results today as im going to be playing for long ammount of time!
Also would like to show my appreciation to the people i live with for putting up with me with my constant talk about poker, it must be driving them nuts by now!

Thanks for all the positive feedback i have recieved off you guys, and i hope you continue to enjoy reading my blogaments :D

Monday, 21 February 2011

Another day at the office

Ok so, where to begin. alright i guess ill start with how my vegas round two satalite went, HORRIBLY! but what can you do when you run a set of fours into a set of sixes third hand in? not alot! Before you stop reading, this blog update will not be full of bad beat moans, etc etc so enjoy! :)

Ok the last few days of SNGS have gone alot smoother, i have put alot of hours in, and got some average return that i am satisfied with, along side the rake then im happy!

Also yesterday morning, i was sat in the office and my room mate had just woke up and came and sat with me and we was talking about general life things, and i was just browsing full tilt poker, and as he is a big UFC fan, i mentioned that bruce buffer plays on there! Anyhow, i searched him up and he was playing a rush poker SNG so decided to go into it with the intentions of knocking out the infamous one, just for a laugh as my friend was about, pretty -ev but 11$ for the humour value i think it was worth it!

Ok enough of the bragging about a lucky bink! Onto other things, i spent tonight coaching one on one, with one of my students! my student is doing really well at the moment, having a sucessful weekend live which i am very proud of, and then we had a very productive session tonight finding some really good spots to discuss and analyse, and going pretty deep into the theory side of different stages of a SNG!

Anyway i best get back to the felt, as im currently about to stack some idiot thats about to jam his 10 BB stack into me when im holding AQo, and luckily enough he has what i hoped, ace rag and the pot comes to me! well thats it folks, thats me done! Good luck to you all on the felt , and look forward to my blog update soon!

The Smug.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day Two Bloggaments

Ok so yesterday didnt go too bad, i managed to get in some nice volume of around one fifty games roughly and making like $150 profit, so that wasnt a bad day at all! The reason why small ammounts of profit are good to me is because of the deal i signed with my current employers enables me to earn rakeback, reason why i aim to play at least 2,000 games a month! Ok so i decided to enter a satalite to earn myself a $5000 Executive package to vegas, 74 runners and one gaining a seat to round two, so i was pretty much playing this in auto pilot whilst playing a few SNGS on the side, and before i knew it i was 6 handed with one sit out, two fish and two nits! Brilliant, i thought to myself as i rubbed my hands, and got to work! Two and a half hours in, i find myself heads up against a calling station who did like to see flops, so i basically just ripped him apart by playing position, chipping him down to around ten big blinds then finding myself with top pair on the turn in a eight big blind pot with him having four big blinds behind, ok as i pressed the all in button, and watched him call with his second pair and the chips come to me! Brilliant! success! through to round two! that will be played at 8pm sunday night, and if i manage to win myself a ticket to next round, that will be a 300$ tournament to win myself a nice package to vegas! ONETIME!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty horrible due to the hours i put in, so i caught up on some emails, facebook etc then pulled my ass out of bed and got myself to the shop to pick up the daily grind materials, two cans of redbull and 20 smokes!

Plans for today? ive played around 30-40 sit n goes and failed to make a profit so far, but the day is still early, and if i do manage to turn a decent profit i might take the night off and hit the town with one of my room mates, it has been a while since ive been out because ive turned into some non-sociable hermit since going full time!

Will keep regular updates of this blog as i have some good feedback already, and id like to thank everyone who has took there time to reading this, and good luck on the felt! see you at the tables!

The smug! =]

Friday, 18 February 2011

Another day following the same lifestyle.

Ok well, heres a little bit about myself. my name is james lee, and i play poker for a living! well some of you may at first may thing, poker?!? living?!? NOT POSSIBLE! well i tell you one thing, it is! and its not at all that easy of a lifestyle to live by at first, but you do indeed get used to it. this is the same as many other jobs all though many of you may disagree! Anyhow i have been playing full time for around a year and a half ish now and now i have finally teamed up with my current employee "Bankroll Supply" which is ran buy Paul "Action jackson " Jackson!

Ok this months Targets i have to reach is to play around 2,000 10$ 6max turbo SNGS across various sites, and so far im into day 18 comming up to 1,200 Games with around maybe $200 Profit. i would like to have made around $1,000 over 2,000 games that way i will be satsified with what i have achieved.

If i can achieve this goal by march, i will be moving up buyin levels therfore hopefully generating alot more money for myself, and my employers!

Ok, enough about targets, lets move onto another subject, my students! ok i have a few students at the moment that i do coach in different area's of the game and some that i do also bankroll! one of them started off to a flier with his games, learnt alot and progressed to make money like there is no tommorow! well hes just hit a brickwall and has started to have a downswing so i will be doing some more work with him later this month and hopefully get him onto the path of winning again!

Another student, he was doing ok, and was always very keen to learn, but didnt get the results he felt neccesary, i will be hooking back up with him at the start of next month, reloading him with a fresh bankroll and also spending alot more time coaching him alongside my other students, so if your reading this you know who you are!

Last of all, ive just taken on a new student, you also know who you are! this students special, i think we can acheive great things together and get them to a level where they want to be playing at, this will take some time but i have no doubt in them having every sucess due to the dedication already shown to learning!

Ok as i have only played around 30 Sngs today and its only early, i best head back to the poker world and take some donkeys money! Take care all, and i will be posting more updates in the very near future, thanks for reading!

The Smug.