Wednesday, 30 March 2011

End of Month

Ok, where to start, i havnt updated this blog for a while due to some good feedback, and obviously some bad. well im at the moment considering if i should continue to write this blog, or not so this possibly could be the last post!

Anyhow, onto the main subject, my poker journey. this month started off to a belter i was running hot, making money, and getting in a good routine. then a downswing hit me. i ended up losing 2k in two days, it was like ALL my profit + 1k more. SIGH! But anyhow, ive been working REALLY hard to recover from that, and as i write this i am currently around -600$ total profit but i have raked around 2000$ for myself, so im going to be having one last push at making some more money on the last day of the month, hence me doing a 24 hour grind until 1st of april!

April hopefully will be a better month, and i will probably put in more volume then ever before, because i dont really have much plans for next month, so im going to be putting in some long ass hours and trying to make things happen!

As for volume, this month ive played around 2000-2200 games at $20/20Euro Level, so im pretty happy with the volume i have put in considering the time off i had this month too!

Ok going to leave it at that, feedback appreciated and good luck at the tables, and thanks for reading!

The smug.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

the start of a fresh month

Ok guys, been a while since i updated, and since im up pretty early and waiting for action, i guess i thought it would be a good time to update the bloggaments!

Ok lets start with last months targets. i managed to play 2100/2000 11$ 6max turbo SNGS last month which was a great achievement, the profit wasnt as much as i expected to make, but with my rakeback i was pretty satisified at the end of the month.

Also i managed to hit my fifth royal flush online, which is pretty lucky considering daniel negreanu has failed to even hit one royal flush in his career!

Ok onto the subject of this month, i hope to get alot of work done with a couple of my students and get the ball rolling in that department, and also i am playing the Genting Spring Championships in liverpool which has an estimated £7500 prizepool, which should be pretty fun accompanied by some friends of mine!

Also my online goals this month is to play 3000 $22 6max Turbo SNGS so i will be working on that really hard this month and will probably end up looking like a zombie at the end of the month if that goes to plan!

Ok i guess thats all i have to say for this update, and i wish everyone luck at the tables!

The Smug.