Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another month report!

Ok, i know i havent updated my blog in a while, because of how busy i have been with poker and sorting out non related poker stuff, this has been the only chance i have had to update! So here goes!

Ok last month didnt go to plan, i hoped to have made more than i did, but i did end up making just over an average wage, so i was happy with that.

This month i got off to a slow but steady start, then a week in a had a HUGE downswing losing $2700 in 3 days! OH NO! Yeah basically i just ran as horrible as you could possible imagine, so therfore i took some time off, 2 or 3 days, worked with my student alot more and then eased my way slowly back into my SNG grind. Ok first things first i needed to build back my confidence and get back into the right frame of mind to win again, luckily enough i won 1200$ on a fruit machine online where i had a like 100$ on that account or somthing, i know its pretty bad that i was degenerate enough to play, but it has been a while since id had a little gamble! (No excuse i know!) but oh well, yeah i was lucky with that! So that set me off into a positive mind set again, and i eased my way back into games and also started to study alot more poker with a new friend of mine, his name is William and hes from Sweden. His english is really good, and his poker understanding is very good too, so ive been helping him with a little bit of his game where he is weak, and hes been helping me a bit with my aggression factor of the game, as i lacked in this ability and slowed down and become more of a nit due to me being on such a huge downswing! So now im back to where i need to be at, playing really well slowly making money and raking some nice ammounts too! I dont really have a target this month, due to that horric start, but i would be over the moon to break even, and maybe rake around 5k?

Ok onto another suhject, my student! Shes progressing really well so far and has started to open up and ask more questions, which is the key factor in a coach-student relationship! The more they ask, the more they learn, and because there asking the questions, psychologically it sinks in better, rather than me droning on and on! Ok so shes currently playing the 3$ 90mans on full tilt poker, and to start off i played one of these to gain a hand history to review with her (Was hoping on a deep run so i can discuss more in detail) and luckily enough won the thing! (Not bragging about wnning a 3$ 90man) before all the jokes start! So, the next day we reviewed that and that was really good to review because there was many good spots to discuss and i feel that improved her game on a large scale just by doing that!

The day after this, time to put it into practice! She played a few games, and i was playing my daily grind, then later on i jumped on teamviewer to sweat her whilst she plays, discussed lots of spots, repeating what she'd learnt and what do you know, BOOM she wins one! Fantastic, such a huge confidence boost, but still i could sense that she was lacking some confidence!

Ok next day, same procedure, my grind followed by sweating her playing some games! another couple deep runs, and then we was down to our last table, with a very healthy stack! and what do you know it.... BACK TO BACK WINS BABY! ANOTHER WIN!!!!!!!! Now... this seemed to have boosted her confidence hugely and i could tell she was more confident in being able to do this for a living!

Ok thats enough from me for now,  comments would be appreciated, and good luck at the tables!