Friday, 18 February 2011

Another day following the same lifestyle.

Ok well, heres a little bit about myself. my name is james lee, and i play poker for a living! well some of you may at first may thing, poker?!? living?!? NOT POSSIBLE! well i tell you one thing, it is! and its not at all that easy of a lifestyle to live by at first, but you do indeed get used to it. this is the same as many other jobs all though many of you may disagree! Anyhow i have been playing full time for around a year and a half ish now and now i have finally teamed up with my current employee "Bankroll Supply" which is ran buy Paul "Action jackson " Jackson!

Ok this months Targets i have to reach is to play around 2,000 10$ 6max turbo SNGS across various sites, and so far im into day 18 comming up to 1,200 Games with around maybe $200 Profit. i would like to have made around $1,000 over 2,000 games that way i will be satsified with what i have achieved.

If i can achieve this goal by march, i will be moving up buyin levels therfore hopefully generating alot more money for myself, and my employers!

Ok, enough about targets, lets move onto another subject, my students! ok i have a few students at the moment that i do coach in different area's of the game and some that i do also bankroll! one of them started off to a flier with his games, learnt alot and progressed to make money like there is no tommorow! well hes just hit a brickwall and has started to have a downswing so i will be doing some more work with him later this month and hopefully get him onto the path of winning again!

Another student, he was doing ok, and was always very keen to learn, but didnt get the results he felt neccesary, i will be hooking back up with him at the start of next month, reloading him with a fresh bankroll and also spending alot more time coaching him alongside my other students, so if your reading this you know who you are!

Last of all, ive just taken on a new student, you also know who you are! this students special, i think we can acheive great things together and get them to a level where they want to be playing at, this will take some time but i have no doubt in them having every sucess due to the dedication already shown to learning!

Ok as i have only played around 30 Sngs today and its only early, i best head back to the poker world and take some donkeys money! Take care all, and i will be posting more updates in the very near future, thanks for reading!

The Smug.


  1. I'm following so you better make the updates interesting. I want to see figures, stats and sone comedy.
    Keep it going fella