Friday, 25 February 2011

Another update!

Alright gang, time for another update to give you some juicy gossip to follow!

Ok, theres not much been going on for me this week apart from just the solid SNG Grind, as its comming towards the end of the month, i am getting nearer to my 2000 Games played in one month goal! i think the figure is around 1700 give or take, so hopefully within a few more sessions i will have accomplished this goal!

Ok so i woke up early this morning to put in an early session and catch some of the fish who are either half asleep, or as avid as me!

Ok, for some future plans. i have the Genting Spring Championships to attend to on Saturday the 5th of may with an expected prizepool of £7500. Also going to be spending more time with one of my students as they are planning on dedicating more of their life towards poker! This should be interesting, and will keep you up to date with their results also!

Hopefully im going to take the weekend off, as it has been a long time since me doing this! A VERY LONG TIME! but this is determined by my results today as im going to be playing for long ammount of time!
Also would like to show my appreciation to the people i live with for putting up with me with my constant talk about poker, it must be driving them nuts by now!

Thanks for all the positive feedback i have recieved off you guys, and i hope you continue to enjoy reading my blogaments :D

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