Monday, 21 February 2011

Another day at the office

Ok so, where to begin. alright i guess ill start with how my vegas round two satalite went, HORRIBLY! but what can you do when you run a set of fours into a set of sixes third hand in? not alot! Before you stop reading, this blog update will not be full of bad beat moans, etc etc so enjoy! :)

Ok the last few days of SNGS have gone alot smoother, i have put alot of hours in, and got some average return that i am satisfied with, along side the rake then im happy!

Also yesterday morning, i was sat in the office and my room mate had just woke up and came and sat with me and we was talking about general life things, and i was just browsing full tilt poker, and as he is a big UFC fan, i mentioned that bruce buffer plays on there! Anyhow, i searched him up and he was playing a rush poker SNG so decided to go into it with the intentions of knocking out the infamous one, just for a laugh as my friend was about, pretty -ev but 11$ for the humour value i think it was worth it!

Ok enough of the bragging about a lucky bink! Onto other things, i spent tonight coaching one on one, with one of my students! my student is doing really well at the moment, having a sucessful weekend live which i am very proud of, and then we had a very productive session tonight finding some really good spots to discuss and analyse, and going pretty deep into the theory side of different stages of a SNG!

Anyway i best get back to the felt, as im currently about to stack some idiot thats about to jam his 10 BB stack into me when im holding AQo, and luckily enough he has what i hoped, ace rag and the pot comes to me! well thats it folks, thats me done! Good luck to you all on the felt , and look forward to my blog update soon!

The Smug.

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  1. Youve stopped updating????
    Stick to it fella worth reading back in time to come.